Our Success

Dear Patrons,
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that Team VISA4YOU has been successful in assisting the following candidates to seek their dream visa.

We are thankful to our clients for placing their trust in our brand and allowing us to help them realise their dream of settling abroad.

Warm Regards,

SRNameVisa SubclassOccupationTime TakenMonth/YearProfile Snap
644Vikrant Patil Resident Return Visa1 DaysApr-24
643Goldi NagpalNorway Visitor17 DaysApr-24
642Vijaya TawateCanada Visitor14 DaysApr-24
641Ganesh TawateCanada Visitor14 DaysApr-24
640Shagun NairCanada Visitor14 DaysApr-24
639Parveen MUK Visitor28 DaysFeb-24
638Mahesh AUK Visitor5 DaysDec-23
637Vaishali AUK Visitor5 DaysDec-23
636Shamika NairCanada Visitor14 DaysApr-24
635Shakila SCanada Visitor19 DaysApr-24
634Prasad MCanada Visitor28 DaysMar-24
633Ritaben VAustralia Visitor5 daysMar-24
632Kamleshbhai VAustralia Visitor5 daysMar-24
631Abhishek TAustralia Visitor7 daysFeb-24
630Niharika MSubclass 1902 monthsJan-24
629Nishit MSubclass 1902 monthsJan-24
628Girish MalagiSubclass 1902 monthsJan-24
627Tejashree TSubclass 1902 monthsJan-24
626Nainika PSubclass 18913 monthsJan-24
625Mithila BSubclass 18913 monthsJan-24
624Praveen PSubclass 18913 monthsJan-24
623Chethan KSSubclass 19013 monthsDec-23
622Vishal MSubclass 19013 monthsDec-23
621Jyoti VSubclass 19013 monthsDec-23
620Mane RishankSubclass 19013 monthsDec-23
619Mayank VSubclass 19013 monthsDec-23
618Shantanu KSubclass 18913 monthsDec-23
617Vikas GSubclass 4892-3 Years Due to CovidDec-23
616Viaansh VSubclass 4892-3 Years Due to CovidDec-23
615Pravin JSubclass 19012 monthsNov-23
614Jadhav PSubclass 19012 monthsNov-23
613Komal RPARTNER (subclass 820)18 monthsNov-23
612Abhijeet YSubclass 18911 momthsOct-23
611Sunita PPARTNER (subclass 820)6 monthsOct-23
610Vaibhav ISubclass 18916 monthsSep-23
609Dnyaneshwar BSubclass 49116 monthsSep-23
608Deena BSubclass 49116 monthsSep-23
607Botre SSubclass 49116 monthsSep-23
606Saniya SPARTNER (subclass 820)6 monthsSep-23
605Shashank SSubclass 1898 monthsJul-23
604Parinita SSubclass 1898 monthsJul-23
603Shinde SSubclass 1898 monthsJul-23
602Sharvil SSubclass 1898 monthsJul-23
601Subrat PSubclass 4918 monthsJul-23
600Nimpa SSubclass 4918 monthsJul-23
599Vibhavari CSubclass 1902-3 Years Due to CovidJul-23
598Vijyendra BSubclass 1902-3 Years Due to CovidJul-23
597Vihaa VSubclass 1902-3 Years Due to CovidJul-23
596Vedvati KPARTNER (PROVISIONAL) (subclass 309)5 monthsJul-23
595Gaurav LSubclass 19012 monthsApr-23
594Hiral GSubclass 19012 monthsApr-23
593Grishva LSubclass 19012 monthsApr-23
592Nilima KPARTNER (PROVISIONAL) (subclass 309)14 monthsApr-23
591Durga LPartner Subclass 82010 monthsApr-23
590Shraddha MSubclass 600 Visitor Visa26 daysApr-23
589Ujwala BSubclass 600 Visitor Visa26 daysApr-23
588Ashish MSubclass 1902-3 Years Due to CovidMar-23
587Aprurva DSubclass 1902-3 Years Due to CovidMar-23
586Anish MSubclass 1902-3 Years Due to CovidMar-23
585Anika ASubclass 1902-3 Years Due to CovidMar-23
584Jadhav KBridging Visa B3 daysJan-23
583Arjun C.1902-3 years( due to COVID)Jan-23
582Yuvraj C1902-3 years( due to COVID)Jan-23
581Shreesha C1902-3 years( due to COVID)Jan-23
580Namita C1902-3 years( due to COVID)Jan-23
579Divya R.4892-3 years( due to COVID)Jan-23
578Rihan R4892-3 years( due to COVID)Jan-23
577Dipanjan R4892-3 years( due to COVID)Jan-23
576Datta S1902-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
575Mhase T4892-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
574Lobo NRRV 1552 MonthDec-22
573Bakane S4855 MonthDec-22
572Kumari N1902-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
571Ambar1902-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
570Bhaskar1902-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
569Vasundhara1902-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
568Parab V1909 MonthDec-22
567Bhuyar N4892-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
566Raj B4892-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
565Aarav B4892-3 years( due to COVID)Dec-22
564Vikas S1902-3 years( due to COVID)Nov-22
563Sandbhor S1902-3 years( due to COVID)Nov-22
562Aarati S1902-3 years( due to COVID)Nov-22
561Hon VRRV 1552 MonthNov-22
560Raut P500(S Entrant)7 MonthOctomber 2022
559Vinkar M4912-3 years( due to COVID)Octomber 2022
558Sushmarani V4912-3 years( due to COVID)Octomber 2022
557Shivansh V4912-3 years( due to COVID)Octomber 2022
556Mrinmaye V4912-3 years( due to COVID)Octomber 2022
555Khole S500(S Entrant)3 MonthSep-22
554Jaswinder S500(S Entrant)5 MonthSep-22
553Jadhav D820/80122 MonthJul-22
552Sriyan J820/80122 MonthJul-22
551Nikumbh TRRV 1552 MonthJun-22
550Rupali NRRV 1552 MonthJun-22
549Aditi NRRV 1552 MonthJun-22
548Krishna R309/1009 MonthJun-22
547Vivian F1902-3 years( due to COVID)Jun-22
546Kiara J600-Priority Visa10 daysJun-22
545Durga LBridging Visa1 dayJun-22
544Komal RBridging Visa1 dayApr-22
543Sarnobat S500(S Entrant)5 MonthMay-22
542Yadav A.500(S Entrant)2 MonthJanuary  2022
541Kaur N820/80118MonthDec-21
540Samjani S300 Prospective marriage Visa9 MonthSep-21
539Phadke G10020 MonthSep-21
538Malini   G10020 MonthSep-21
537Tilekar D82020 MonthAug-21
536Karande A82020 MonthJun-21
535Reshma RConestoga College, CanadaEmbedded Systems Development
6 MonthNov-21
534Nilesh VArden University, GermanyMSc Project Management (APM)4 MonthNov-21
533Gaurav PPartner Subclass 1003 years (Due to Covid)Sep-21
532Riyansh GPartner Subclass 1003 years (Due to Covid)Sep-21
531Malini G820Permanent Partner Visa15 monthSep-21
530Hon Vijay P155Resident Return Visa2 monthSep-21
529Sayali F820Partner Visa8 MonthSep-21
528Marjaan SOxford Brookes University, UKMSc in International Business Management2 MonthSep-21
527Khushi MehtaQueen Mary University of London,United KingdomMA in International Relations2 MonthSep-21
526Puneet GNigara College, CanadaGraduate Certificate in International Business Management2 Month
525Shubhada GDeakin University, AustraliaMaster of Construction Management (Professional)2 Month
524Manmeet KCanadian PRFood Safety and Quality Assurance5 Month
523Divya ShettyCanadian PRTeacher6 Month
522Harshvardhan GCanadian PRClient Servicing Executive4 Month
521Keyuri DCanadian PRPattern Maker1 Month
520Ira CCanadian Child VisaChild Visa1 Month
519Rahul CCanadian PRBiological Technologist1 Month
518Swapnil BCanadian PRPurchase Officer9 Month
517Shubham MamadageAustraliaMaster of Engineering University of Technology, Sydney2 Month
516Samata190Developer Programmer10 Month
515Kiaan B189Child Visa11 Month
514Nikita C190Software Engineer11 Month
513Luv B189Software Enginee11 Month
512Vibhav B190Developer Programmer3 Month
511Prabhjot G189Software Engineer10 Month
510Mandeep K189Computer Network and Systems Engineer10 Month
509Sneha B489Subsequant Entrant5 Month
508Nakul B190Chef (Commercial)6 Month
507Aarush C190Child Visa7 Month
506Dennis SajjanIrelandMSc in Accounting $ Finanace Management2 Month
505Prathamesh BUSAMaster’s In Management Science2 Month
504Yash BUSAEngineering Science (MS)2 Month
503Asmita TAustraliaMaster of Architectural Science2 Month
502Vikram JUKMsc in Engineering Management2 Month
501Kaif SUKMsc in Engineering Management2 Month
500Vishwajeet KUSAMSc in Construction Management2 Month
499Paras CUSAMBA & MS in Finance2 Month
498Vaishnavi UUKMsc in Environmental Engineering2 Month
497Amandeep SUKMSC in Computing Science2 Month
496Chetan GGermanyMasters in Supply Chain Management2 Month
495Sudhanshu KCanadaPGD In Video Design & Development2 Month
494Atharva BNZMasters of International Business2 Month
493Shubham KNZMasters of Science in Food Innovation2 Month
492Sumit NNZMasters In Engg2 Month
491Priti VNZMasters In Project Management2 Month
490Nikhil SCanadaBachelors of Science in IT2 Month
489Piyush DAustraliaMaster of Information Technology (Professional)2 Month
488Poonam DAustralia2 Month
487Umesh BNZInternational Diploma In Cookery2 Month
486Shrutika BCanadian PRHR Officer9 Month
485Ayaan BCanadian Child VisaChild Visa9 Month
484Amit DCanadian VisaHR Officer3 Month
483Sakshi KCanadian PRIT Professional3 Month
482Piyush PCanadian VisaStudent Visa2 Month
481Siby TCanadian PRIT Professional5 Month
480Sneha JCanadian PRIT Professional5 Month
479Snehali MRRV(Sublasss 155)Mechanical Engineer3.5 Month
478Swapnil MRRV(Sublasss 155)IT professional3.5 Month
477Shahiza S309Partner Visa23 Month
476Trilok S190Welder(First Class)21 Month
475Balvendra K190Spouse Visa21 Month
474Parmeet K190Child Visa21 Month
473Khushpreet K190Child Visa21 Month
472Pooja P309Partner Visa13 Month
471Neeraj K190Computer network and systems Engineer4 Month
470Prerana S820Partner Visa24 Month
469Sanjay K887Cafe and Restaurant Manager10 Month
468Sarala K887Spouse Visa10 Month
467Vihaan K887Child Visa10 Month
466Shyam P887IT Professional4 Month
465Ankita P887Spouse Visa4 Month
464Akash N189Mechanical Engineer10 Month
463Artee A189Spouse Visa10 Month
462Navneet K309Partner Visa13 Month
461Deepanshu S189Developer Programmer11 Month
460Stuti K189Spouse Visa11 Month
459Pranali C189Developer Programmer10 Month
458Mrinal P189ICT Business Analyst10 Month
457Kritika190Child Visa10 Month
456Karvi190Child Visa10 Month
455Sahil190Civil Engineer10 Month
454Aditi MohiteNZMS In Food Innovation2 Month
453Akshay BhingardiveUSAMS in Computer
2 Month
452Vaibhav WUSAMS in Mechanical
2 Month
451Akshay RUSAStudent (Class Tu)
Higher Education Sector
2 Month
450Malhar InamdarUSAMS in Mechanical Engineering2 Month
449Miss.PriyankaUSAManagement Information
2 Month
448DevyaniUSAMS in Computer Science2 Month
447Mr. ShashankUSAMaster’s in Pharmacy
2 Month
446Mr.Venkatesh MUSAMS in Mechanical
2 Month
445Mr.Rakesh BUSAMS in Computer
Science Texas
2 Month
444Dhanshree R573MS in Mechanical
3 Month
443PHADKE, Mukund Gajanan2 Month
442PHADKE, Ujwal Mukund2 Month
441GOSWAMI, Neha2 Month
440MOHITE, Sushila Vilasrao2 Month
439DEVMORE, Deepakkumar Vishwanath2 Month
438KHAN, Malika Shakir2 Month
437MORE, Aishwarya Milind2 Month
436KHAN, Hasan Saif2 Month
435KOLHAR, Richard James2 Month
434PRABAKARAN, Bhavani2 Month
433PHADKE, Mukund Gajanan2 Month
432Meghana C190Spouse Visa7 Month
431Sujay C190ICT Business Analyst7 Month
430Dnyanesh B190Developer Programmer10 Month
429Riyansh P309Child Visa8 Month
428Gaurav P309Spouse Visa8 Month
427Ajaykumar P489Computer Network & Systems Engineer8 Month
426Snehal P489Production or Plant Engineer8 Month
425Jagadishwarayya S155Resident Return6 Month
424Ravindra M190Electrician (general)10 Month
423Neha P189IT Professional6 Month
422Somnath P189IT Professional6 Month
421Abhineet P189Child Visa6 Month
420Tejas C189Mechanical Engineer6 Month
419Rachana C189Spouse Visa6 Month
418Ananya C189Child Visa6 Month
417Amit N190Motor Mechanic (General)6 Month
416Kalyani N190Spouse Visa6 Month
415Kaivalya N190Child Visa6 Month
414Mitesh R189IT Professional6 Month
413Reshma R189Spouse Visa6 Month
412Dhanvi R189Child Visa6 Month
411Dhairya R189Child Visa6 Month
410Sagar P489Welder 1st Class6 Month
409Rajani P489Spouse Visa6 Month
408Arohi P489Child Visa6 Month
407Aditi P489Child Visa6 Month
406Niranjan D189IT Professional3 Month
405Poonam D189Spouse Visa3 Month
404Vikrant P190Welder 1st Class8 Month
403Seema P189Spouse Visa8 Month
402Isha P190Child Visa8 Month
401Sudeep B189IT Professional3 Month
400Nitu B189Spouse Visa3 Month
399Param B189Child Visa3 Month
398Arnav J189Child Visa5 Month
397Rahul J189Software Engineer5 Month
396Priya J189Spouse Visa5 Month
395Surabhi G189Mechanical Engineer5 Month
394Kunal S189Electronic Engineer5 Month
393Yogesh B189Mechanical Engineer5 Month
392Hridaan B189Child Visa5 Month
391Harsha B189Spouse Visa5 Month
390Arnav B189Child Visa5 Month
389Mehmood S189IT Professional5 Month
388Nazneen A189IT Professional5 Month
387Vishal K189IT Professional3 Month
386Madhura K189Spouse Visa3 Month
385Trisha K189Child Visa3 Month
384Dnyandev G489Metal Machinist 1st Class9 Month
383George G489Motor Mechanic (General)6 Month
382Jitendra S190Electrician (General)7 Month
381Upendra JNZ Work Visa1 Month
380Sharva D189Child Visa3 Month
379Pallavi D189IT Profession3 Month
378Ajay Suhas189IT Profession3 Month
377Amit P190Developer Pragrammer5 Month
376Surabhi S190Chemical Engineer5 Month
375Namrata P189Software Engineer6 Month
374Kalpesh P189Software Engineer6 Month
373Atharv P189Child Visa6 Month
372Sachin Rameshwar S190Metal Fabrication5 Month
371Archana Sachin S190Spouse Visa5 Month
370Anagha Sachin S190Child Visa5 Month
369Mr.Prathamesh189Electronic Engineer4 Month
368Mr.Kalpesh P189Software Engineer6 Month
367Mrs.Bhargavi S190Event Manager
366Mr.Sudip KStudent Visa NZ
365Mr.Shourya C101Child Visa
364Mr.Cyril K489Fitter (General)
363Ms.Supriya P600Visitor Visa
362Mrs.Ketaki B600Partner Visa3 Month
361Mrs.Rekha K600Visitor Visa
360Mr.Yashwant K600Visitor Visa
359Ms.Shruti C887Child Visa
358Ms.Sonali C887Spouse Visa
357Mr.Vihang C887Child Visa
356Mr.Yogesh C887Fitter (General)
355Mr.Prithviraj PStudent Visa USA
354Mr.Snehal DStudent Visa USA
353Mr.Neeraj BStudent Visa NZ
352Mr.Yuvraj SStudent Visa UK
351Mrs.Manjot K189Developer Pragrammer10 Month
350Mr.Karanbir S189Partner Visa10 Month
349Mr.Shailesh R189Software Engineer4 Month
348Mrs.Meena N189Partner Visa4 Month
347Ms.Avishi R189Child Visa4 Month
346Ms.Ishnavi R189Child Visa4 Month
345Mr.Yuga KSoftware Engineer4 Month
344Ms.Veena KStudent Visa Canada
343Mr.Ratul DStudent Visa NZ
342Mrs.Maria S190Developer Programmer5 Month
341Mr.Ryan M190Spouse Visa5 Month
340Mr.Alec M190Child Visa5 Month
339Mrs.Malini G309Partner Visa9 Month
338Mr Upendra JStudent Visa NZ1 Month
337Mrs Deepali JStudent Visa NZ1 Month
336Miss Shreya JStudent Visa NZ1 Month
335Mr Aarya JStudent Visa NZ1 Month
334Mr Ravikiran B600Visitor Visa1 Week
333Mr.Manoj J190Fitter5 Month
332Mr.Bakachand P600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
331Mrs Suman D600Visitor Visa2 Week
330Mrs Ketaki B600Visitor Visa1 Week
329Mrs Aarti K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
328Mr.Janardhan k600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
327Mr.Indraneil D189Electronic Engineer5 Month
326Mr. Jagan M489Ict Project Manager5 Month
325Mrs. Boopathy K489Spouse Visa5 Month
324Miss. Shirisha489Child Visa5 Month
323Mrs Azmina L600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
322Mr. Abdul L600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
321Mr.Nikhile G190Developer Programmer4 Month
320Mrs.Parineeta G190Spouse Visa4 Month
319Mr. Ashish P489Fitter6 Month
318Mrs. Madhuri P489Spouse Visa6 Month
317Miss.Prerna S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
316Mr.Sarvajit B489Chef6 Month
315Mrs.Snehal P485Temporary Graduate Visa3 Month
314Mr.Vivek S190Chef6 Month
313Mrs. Sneha M100Partner Visa14 Month
312Mr.Huzaifa S189Developer Programmer6 Month
311Mrs. Rashida S189Spouse Visa6 Month
310Mr.Premkumar S489System Administration6 Month
309Mrs. Sushma S489Spouse Visa6 Month
308Master. Kiansh S489Child Visa6 Month
307Mrs.Amruta C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
306Miss.Aastha C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
305Mr. Sharamad K190Business Analyst2 Month
304Mrs. Madhura K190Software Engineer2 Month
303Mr. Tulshidas S190Metal Machinist10 Month
302Mr. Pratik B489Mechanical Engineering Technician5 Month
301Mrs. Shweta B489Spouse Visa5 Month
300Mrs. Megha J300Partner Visa7 Month
299Miss Sneha SStudent Visa NZ1 Month
298Mr Kartik NStudent Visa NZ1 Month
297Miss Shradha FStudent Visa NZ1 Month
296Mr Saurabh SStudent Visa NZ1 Month
295Mr. Bharat G489Fitter5 Month
294Mrs. Sunanda G489Spouse Visa5 Month
293Miss. Dhanshree G489Child Visa5 Month
292Mr Sukhbir SStudent Visa NZ1 Month
291Miss Shrutika NStudent Visa NZ1 Month
290Miss Komal VF1Student Visa USA1 Month
289Miss Shweta MStudent Visa UK1 Month
288Miss Aditi MStudent Visa NZ1 Month
287Mr. Santosh G489Electrician10 Month
286Mrs.Shobha P600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
285Mrs.Shahnaz S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
284Mrs. Sonal B189Software Engineer5 Month
283Mr.Prashant B189Network Engineer5 Month
282Miss. Avni B189Child Visa5 Month
281Mr.Musa K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
280Mrs.Shahnaz K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
279Mrs.Bhavani P600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
278Mrs.Snehal P600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
277Mr Akshay BF1Student Visa USA1 Month
276Mr Vibhav WF1Student Visa USA1 Month
275Mrs.Nasreen S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
274Mr.Zahoor S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
273Miss.Saba S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
272Mr Akshay RF1Student Visa USA1 Month
271Mr Malhar IF1Student Visa USA1 Month
270Miss.PriyankaF1Student Visa USA1 Month
269Miss. DevyaniF1Student Visa USA1 Month
268Mrs.Malini G600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
267Mr. Shyam P489Developer Engineer5 Month
266Mrs. Ankita P489Spouse Visa5 Month
264Mr.Akashdeep S190Architecture Engineer2 Month
263Mr. Prasad B489Electrician3 Month
262Mrs. Pranita B489Spouse Visa3 Month
261Mr ShashankF1Student Visa USA1 Month
260Mr.Venkatesh MF1Student Visa USA1 Month
259Mrs. Ashwini M189Developer Programmer5 Month
258Mr.Vaibhav M189Software Engineer5 Month
257Master. Sumedh M189Child Visa5 Month
256Mr.Rakesh BF1Student Visa USA1 Month
255Mr.Amey BF1Student Visa USA1 Month
254Mr.Amit S190Accountant(General)1 Month
253Mrs. Aarti R190Business Analyst1 Month
252Mr.Bibek S189Developer Programmer4 Month
251Mrs.Gunjan S189Software Engineer4 Month
250Mr.Navin Y190Software Engineer5 Month
249Mr.Joyti Y190Software Engineer5 Month
248Miss.Yuvisha Y190Child Visa5 Month
247Mrs.Shweta J489Spouse visa3 Month
246Master. Swaroop J489Child Visa3 Month
245Mr.Rohan L189Chemical Engineer3 Month
244Mr. Vijaysing S489Fitter6 Month
243Mr.Hardik R189Software Developer2 Month
242Mrs.Uppasna A189Software Engineer2 Month
241Mrs.Shaikh B600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
240Mr.Shaikh A600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
239Mr.Zakaria M600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
238Mr.Shabbir S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
237Mr.Sudhanshu S190Database Administrator3 Month
236Mrs.Pallavi S190Software Engineer3 Month
235Mrs.Azar S489Restaurant Manager5 Month
234Mr.Prajot P190ICT Project Manager3 Month
233Mrs.Kiran P190Software Engineer3 Month
232Miss.Shayna P190Child Visa3 Month
231Mr.Rohan T189Database Administrator3 Month
230Mr.Sagar C190Fitter3 Month
229Mrs.Upasna A10BRIDGING VISA1 Day
228Mr. Kishore K189Mechanical Engineer6 Month
227Mrs.Nagavani K189Software Engineer6 Month
226Mr. Kiran K489Welder6 Month
225Mrs. Anuradha M489Community Worker6 Month
224Mr. Vinay M489Community Worker6 Month
223Master. Vian M489Child Visa6 Month
222Miss. Anvi M489Child Visa6 Month
221Mr. Yogendra W190Software Engineer4 Month
220Mrs. Aparna W190Developer Programer4 Month
219Master. Aditya W190Child Visa4 Month
218Miss. Aarti K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
217Mr. Deepak M190Software Engineer3 Month
216Mrs. Syamala190Teacher3 Month
215Miss. Eshana190Child Visa3 Month
214Mrs. Ulfat A600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
213Master. Sultan A600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
212Mr. Dastagir S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
211Mrs. Shamshad S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
210Mrs Deepika C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
209Mr. Tushar N189Engineering Technologist3 Month
208Mrs. Rupali N189Spouse Visa3 Month
207Miss. Aditi N189Child Visa3 Month
206Mr. Sanjay K489Restaurant Manager2 Month
205Mrs. Sarala K489Spouse Visa2 Month
204Master. Vihaan R489Child Visa2 Month
203Mrs Alimunnisa K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
202Mrs. Kusumlata R489Spouse Visa2 Month
201Master. Vihaan R489Child Visa2 Month
200Mrs Azmina L600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
199Mr. Vaibhav WF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
198Mr. Swapnil G189Structural Engineer2 Month
197Mr. Abdul L600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
196Mr. Nikhil G189Software Engineer3 Month 15 Days
195Mrs. Rupal G189Spouse Visa3 Month 15 Days
194Mr. Prasad C189Software Engineer3 Month
193Mrs. Shital C189Spouse Visa3 Month
192Miss. Isha C189Child Visa3 Month
191Miss. Ria C189Child Visa3 Month
190Mr. Sarthak T489Restaurant Manager2 Month
189Mrs. Rajani M600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
188Mr Gokul M600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
187Mr. Akshay RF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
186Mrs. Farhanaaz100Spouse Visa6 Month
185Bilal100Child Visa6 Month
184Mrs . Megha D600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
183Mrs. Dhanashree R573STUDENT (Class TU) HIGHER EDUCATION SECTOR3 Month
182Mr. Mandar IF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
181Mrs .Supriya600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
180Mr. Amey BF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
179Mr. Arihant H489Welder5 Month
178Mr. Rajesh B489Diploma Mechanical Engineer4 Month
177Mr. Rakesh BF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
176Mr. Venkatesh MF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
175Mrs. Suhasini D600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
174Mrs. Urmila C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
173Mr. Subhash D600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
172Mr. Manohar C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
171Mr. ShashankF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
170Mrs. Snehali M189Mechanical Engineer2 Month
169Mr. Swapnil M189IT professional2 Month
168Mr. Abhishek P190Software Engineer1 Month 15 Days
167Mrs. Nagashree P190Software Engineer1 Month 15 Days
166Mr. Prithviraj J489Civil Engineer4 Month
165Mrs. Gaytri K190Developer Programmer4 Month
164Mr. Hrishikesh K190IT professional4 Month
163Mrs. Neha L489Spouse Visa3 Month
162Miss. Swara L489Child Visa3 Month
161Mrs. Snehal190Software Tester2 Month
160Mr. Hrishikesh190IT professional2 Month
159Mrs. Neha Ganbote190Construction Project Manager1 Month
158Mr. Rohit Ganbote190Mechanical Engineer1 Month
157Mrs. Supriya600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
156Mrs. Pradnya309Spouse Visa6 Month
155Mrs. Sonali Chavan489Spouse Visa2 Month
154Master. Vihang Chavan489Child Visa2 Month
153Miss. Shruti Chavan489Child Visa2 Month
152Mrs. Sameena600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
151Mr. Faiz600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
150Master. ARSH600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
149Miss. Aaisha600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
148Mrs. Ashwini309Spouse Visa6 Month
147Mrs. Snehal10BRIDGING VISA3 Days
146Mrs. Sarla600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
145Mrs. Supriya600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
144Miss. Kartiki600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
143Mr. Ashvinkumar600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
142Mr. Roshan189Computer Network and Systems Engineer2 Month
141Mrs. Padma600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
140Miss. PriyankaF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
139Mrs. Anwarjaha600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
138Mr. Imam Fakir600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
137Mrs. Minakshi600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
136Mrs. Yogita489Spouse Visa1 Month 15 Day
135Miss. DevyaniF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
134Mrs. Farhanaaz10BRIDGING VISA3 Days
133Bilal10BRIDGING VISA3 Days
132Mr. Ravindra489Restaurant Manager5 Month
131Mrs. Kavita600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
130Mr. Madhaorao600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
129Mrs. Shamshad600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
128Mr. Arshjeet189Mechanical Engineer7 Month
127Mrs. Sujatha600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
126Mrs. Farhanaaz600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
125Bilal600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
124Mrs BADRUNNISA600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
123Mrs. Ashwini600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
122Mrs. Neha Suhas600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
121Mrs. Pradnya600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
120Mrs. Shalaka Joshi190Production Manager5 Month
119Mr. Prasad190IT professional5 Month
118Master RutweekChild VisaChild Visa5 Month
117Mr. Israr Khan189IT Professional2.5 Month
116Mrs. Sneha309Spouse Visa9 Month
115Mr. Suhas489 (Extension)Restaurant Manager2 Month
114Mr. Chintankumar Panchasara189IT Professional2.5 Month
113Mrs. Mikita189IT Professional2.5 Month
112Ms. Suditi189IT professional2.5 Month
111Mr. Pritam489Machinist3 Month
110Mr. Tarundeep Ghai189Engineering Technologist6 Month
109Mrs. Sinam189Engineering Technologist6 Month
108Mr Ayaan189Engineering Technologist6 Month
107Mrs. Pradnya309Spouse Visa10 Month
106Mrs. Sampada309Spouse Visa10 Month
105Ms. Shruti309Child Visa10 Month
104Ms. Swara309Child Visa11 Month
103Mr. Sachin Deshmukh489Restaurant Manager1.5 Month
102Mr. Santosh190Training and development Professional2.5 Month
101Mr. Manoj Thawani489Production Manager3 Month
100Mr. Avinash Dubal189Mechanical Engineer4 Month
99Mr. Suhas489Restaurant Manager5 Month
98Mrs. Yogita Hon489Spouse Visa9 Month
97Mrs. Ashwini600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
96Mr. Pramod600Visitor Visa4 Weeks
95Mrs. Vidha600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
94Master Harshraj Kumbhar101Child Visa10 Month
93Mrs. Shubhangi Bhosale100Spouse Visa4 Month
92Mrs. Sneha309Spouse Visa5 Month
91Mr. Krishna309Spouse Visa6 Month
90Mrs. Seema309Spouse Visa5 Month
89Mrs. Rajani676Visitor Visa1 Month
88Ms. Anushka101Child Visa7 Month
87Mrs. Vaishali600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
86Mrs. Shubhangi K489Spouse Visa8 Month
85Mr. Sachin S190Welder6 Month
84Mr. Amol489Sheet Metal Worker3 Month
83Mr. Prashant190Welder7 Month
82Mr. Navnath190Welder4 Month
81Mr. Amit190Welder5 Month
80Mr. Vikas190Machinist8 Month
79Mr. Ramesh190Mechanical Engineer6 Month
78Mr. Roopesh190ICT sales Representative9 Month
77Mr. Mahesh489Welder7 Month
76Mrs. Parvati100Spouse Visa8 Month
75Mr. Ganesh190Fitter6 Month
74Mr. Sanjay190Welder9 Month
73Mr. Deepak190Welder7 Month
72Mr. Vijay190Fitter8 Month
71Mr. Satish190Fitter7 Month
70Mrs. Kavita B309Spouse Visa7 Month
69Mrs. Kavita J309Spouse Visa8 Month
68Mr. Tai309Spouse Visa9 Month
67Mrs. Anjali309Spouse Visa8 Month
66Mr. Satish189Fitter9 Month
65Mr. Nihal189Engineering Technologist9 Month
64Mrs. BhawanaSpouse VisaSpouse Visa9 Month
63Master ShashantChild VisaChild Visa7 Month
62Ms. BhumikaChild VisaChild Visa8 Month
61Mr. Chandrashekhar190Restaurant Manager6 Month
60Mr. Shubham600Visitor Visa1 Month
59Mr. Suhas489Fitter5 Month
58Mrs. Shilpa309Spouse visa5 Month
57Mrs. Monali309Spouse Visa5 Month
56Mr. LomeshStudent VisaStudent Visa3 Month
55Mr. Seema A309Spouse Visa5 Month
54Mrs. Minakshi309Spouse Visa5 Month
53Mr. Vijay189IT Professional4 Month
52Mrs. Nalage600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
51Mrs. Ghare309Spouse Visa7 Month
50SarrahUKLLM IN corporate law2 Month
49Aditya BGermanyMBAE – Operational Excellence2 Month
48Gaurav KGermanyMBAE – Operational Excellence2 Month
47Yogesh GGermanyMBAE – Operational Excellence2 Month
46Sumant SUSAMasters of computer and Information Science2 Month
45Sahil MIrelandMsc in Electronic and computer Technology2 Month
44Samridhi PUSAMasters in computer science2 Month
43Sujat AUKMSc Elections, Campaigns and Democracy2 Month
42Ankita SUSAMSc in Computer science2 Month
41Hasan KAustraliaMasters of engineering: Civil2 Month
40MAHAJAN, Asmi Suhas2 Month
39DWIVEDY, Nikhita2 Month
38MAHAJAN, Suhas Bhaskar2 Month
37PRABAKARAN, Bhavani2 Month
36CHAUHAN, Prashita Mohan Singh2 Month
35KUSHWAH, Aarti Tularam2 Month
34JANNU, Pramod Ambadas2 Month
33Sakshi NarkhedeUSAMSc in Regulatory affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices2 Month
32Sharanya RNZPG in Information Technology2 Month
31Shantanu IAustraliaMasters of Engineering Science(Management)2 Month
30Pratik BNZMasters of Management in Agri Business2 Month
29Simranjeet KNZMasters In Finance2 Month
28Simranjeet KNZMasters In Finance2 Month
27Amit DCanadaWeb Development2 Month
26Piyush PCanadaDilpoma In Power Engg2 Month
25Akira KNZ2 Month
24Rajiv KNZ2 Month
23Akanksha KNZMaster of Design2 Month
22Sunil PNZBachelor Of Engineering
2 Month
21Rutika RNZ2 Month
20Bhawana GUKMSc in Economics2 Month
19Neeraj BNZMasters of Business and
2 Month
18Snehal DUSAPost Grad Management2 Month
17Sudeep KNZGraduation Diploma In
Hospitality Management
2 Month
16Prithviraj PUSAMS In CS2 Month
15Yuvraj SUKBachelors of Business
2 Month
14Veena KCanadaGraduate Diploma In
Business Administration
2 Month
13Ratul DNZGrad Diploma in Supply Chain
and Shipping Management
2 Month
12Upendra JoshiNZMaster of Information
2 Month
11Deepali JoshiNZ2 Month
10Aarya JoshiNZ2 Month
9Shreya JoshiNZ2 Month
8Sneha SatheNZGrad Diploma in Operations and
Production Management L7
2 Month
7Kartik NairNZInternational Diploma in
Banking L3
2 Month
6Shradha FulpagareNZGraduate Diploma in
Project Management
2 Month
5Saurabh sonwaneUSAMS in Computer
2 Month
4Sukhbir SinghNZP.G Diploma in Applied
Information Technology
2 Month
3Shrutika NavaleNZP.G Diploma in
Applied Science
2 Month
2Komal VyasUSAMS in Biotechnology2 Month
1Shweta MustareUKMS in Computer Science2 Month