Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of the most exclusive provinces in all of Canada. Located in the friendly “Maritimes” province of the country, it is composed of the Nova Scotia peninsula, Cape Breton Island, and thousands of minor islands on the Eastern side of the country. Economic doings in Nova Scotia is mainly centred on Halifax, its capital city.

With over 400,000 people living in the urban area, Halifax is a busy metropolis in every sense of the word. Halifax further serves as a major centre for culture and the arts in Canada as an entire, and the city also has some of the best universities and hospitals in the country.

The province’s location on the bold Atlantic Ocean means that Nova Scotia’s have always been intimately linked to the sea – it is a deeply rooted part of their history and existing way of life. Indeed, Nova Scotia is renowned around the world for the beauty of its huge coastlines as well as its mouth-watering seafood cuisine.

Simply put, Nova Scotia has a lot going for it and many overseas nationals dream of one day living and working in the royal province. The easiest way to migrate to Nova Scotia is via the new online Express Entry system.

The Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSNP) is the certified program made for the province of Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia PNP is based on the skilled workers insist of the province.

Apparent candidates must check the Nova Scotia Demand occupation list to know if their job is on the list or not. Apart from this, a potential immigrant should be aware of the Nova Scotia Points Calculator.

In order to judge Nova Scotia PNP Eligibility, the person has to fulfil Nova Scotia PNP needs in order to move forward.

As a potential immigrant, it’s essential for you to know that if your job profile lies on the Nova Scotia Immigration Occupation List or not. After that, you should measure your eligibility as per the Nova Scotia Immigration Points Calculator.

The Canada immigration procedure becomes handier and less confusing if followed under the direction of a well-known and proficient immigration expert. Only being eligible is not enough; because many promising candidates face their applications discarded.

It happens because of not preparing and presenting it appropriately. Impressing Nova Scotia immigration authority requires something extra in a perfect manner. Therefore, hire a superior and experienced immigration consultant for such support.

What are the different NSNP Categories?

The Nova Scotia Nominee program offers a number of streams to professionals from all aspects of life. Knowing which stream suits you best and accepting the parameters of submission that go along with it is dominant for a effective application.

  • Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry stream – This stream is meant for professionals whose profession is currently in demand in Nova Scotia. Submissions are made through the Express Entry program.
  • Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry stream – This stream is meant for professionals who are already working in Nova Scotia or have work experience of working their occupation in the province.
  • Skilled Worker Stream This stream is geared towards extremely skilled professionals who may not have a direct job offer from a Nova Scotia employer but are very much likely to get employed due to their skill set.
  • Entrepreneur This stream is meant for those applicants who want to initiate their business in Nova Scotia.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream This stream is intended for fresh graduates who want to continue living in Canada and desire to begin working in Nova Scotia.

What are the Least Requirements to be Eligible for the NSNP?

The different streams/pathways of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program have their own definite necessities to make applicants eligible for selection.

However, there is also a general condition which is followed and the deviations of each stream are woven around this overall condition standard.

  • Your Occupation must be in Demand
  • Must be between 18-49 years of age
  • Should attain minimum 4.5 (IELTS) or 4 (CLB) score on language ability
  • Must have 1 year of work experience in relevant occupational field.
  • Must possess corresponding qualification diploma/certificate to Canadian education system.
  • Must show an intention to live in the Province of Nova Scotia

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should understand that it is legal work and Australian Authorities who will be assessing your case, are in most of the cases have legal background so it is very essential to hire a legal practitioner to draft your documents and submit your case with maximum care.

There is no standard list of documents. Documentation varies on case to case basis.

You can surely reduce the processing timing by efficient and proper submission of all required documents.

There are several factors considered for point calculation. Your age, Qualification, number of years of work experience, English proficiency, spouse skills, blood relative in Australia and nomination by state or territory. You require 60 points so as to be eligible please refer Free Assessment for point calculation.


NameVisa SubclassOccupationTime TakenMonth/YearProfile Snap
Manmeet KCanadian PRFood Safety and Quality Assurance5 Month
Divya ShettyCanadian PRTeacher6 Month
Harshvardhan GCanadian PRClient Servicing Executive4 Month
Keyuri DCanadian PRPattern Maker1 Month
Ira CCanadian Child VisaChild Visa1 Month
Rahul CCanadian PRBiological Technologist1 Month
Swapnil BCanadian PRPurchase Officer9 Month
Shrutika BCanadian PRHR Officer9 Month
Ayaan BCanadian Child VisaChild Visa9 Month
Amit DCanadian VisaHR Officer3 Month
Sakshi KCanadian PRIT Professional3 Month
Piyush PCanadian VisaStudent Visa2 Month
Siby TCanadian PRIT Professional5 Month
Sneha JCanadian PRIT Professional5 Month
Snehali MRRV(Sublasss 155)Mechanical Engineer3.5 Month
Swapnil MRRV(Sublasss 155)IT professional3.5 Month
Shahiza S309Partner Visa23 Month
Trilok S190Welder(First Class)21 Month
Balvendra K190Spouse Visa21 Month
Parmeet K190Child Visa21 Month
Khushpreet K190Child Visa21 Month
Pooja P309Partner Visa13 Month
Neeraj K190Computer network and systems Engineer4 Month
Prerana S820Partner Visa24 Month
Sanjay K887Cafe and Restaurant Manager10 Month
Sarala K887Spouse Visa10 Month
Vihaan K887Child Visa10 Month
Shyam P887IT Professional4 Month
Ankita P887Spouse Visa4 Month
Akash N189Mechanical Engineer10 Month
Artee A189Spouse Visa10 Month
Navneet K309Partner Visa13 Month
Deepanshu S189Developer Programmer11 Month
Stuti K189Spouse Visa11 Month
Pranali C189Developer Programmer10 Month
Mrinal P189ICT Business Analyst10 Month
Kritika190Child Visa10 Month
Karvi190Child Visa10 Month
Sahil190Civil Engineer10 Month
Samata190Developer Programmer10 Month
Kiaan B189Child Visa11 Month
Nikita C190Software Engineer11 Month
Luv B189Software Enginee11 Month
Vibhav B190Developer Programmer3 Month
Prabhjot G189Software Engineer10 Month
Mandeep K189Computer Network and Systems Engineer10 Month
Sneha B489Subsequant Entrant5 Month
Nakul B190Chef (Commercial)6 Month
Aarush C190Child Visa7 Month
Meghana C190Spouse Visa7 Month
Sujay C190ICT Business Analyst7 Month
Dnyanesh B190Developer Programmer10 Month
Riyansh P309Child Visa8 Month
Gaurav P309Spouse Visa8 Month
Ajaykumar P489Computer Network & Systems Engineer8 Month
Snehal P489Production or Plant Engineer8 Month
Jagadishwarayya S155Resident Return6 Month
Ravindra M190Electrician (general)10 Month
Neha P189IT Professional6 Month
Somnath P189IT Professional6 Month
Abhineet P189Child Visa6 Month
Tejas C189Mechanical Engineer6 Month
Rachana C189Spouse Visa6 Month
Ananya C189Child Visa6 Month
Amit N190Motor Mechanic (General)6 Month
Kalyani N190Spouse Visa6 Month
Kaivalya N190Child Visa6 Month
Mitesh R189IT Professional6 Month
Reshma R189Spouse Visa6 Month
Dhanvi R189Child Visa6 Month
Dhairya R189Child Visa6 Month
Sagar P489Welder 1st Class6 Month
Rajani P489Spouse Visa6 Month
Arohi P489Child Visa6 Month
Aditi P489Child Visa6 Month
Niranjan D189IT Professional3 Month
Poonam D189Spouse Visa3 Month
Vikrant P190Welder 1st Class8 Month
Seema P189Spouse Visa8 Month
Isha P190Child Visa8 Month
Sudeep B189IT Professional3 Month
Nitu B189Spouse Visa3 Month
Param B189Child Visa3 Month
Arnav J189Child Visa5 Month
Rahul J189Software Engineer5 Month
Priya J189Spouse Visa5 Month
Surabhi G189Mechanical Engineer5 Month
Kunal S189Electronic Engineer5 Month
Yogesh B189Mechanical Engineer5 Month
Hridaan B189Child Visa5 Month
Harsha B189Spouse Visa5 Month
Arnav B189Child Visa5 Month
Mehmood S189IT Professional5 Month
Nazneen A189IT Professional5 Month
Vishal K189IT Professional3 Month
Madhura K189Spouse Visa3 Month
Trisha K189Child Visa3 Month
Dnyandev G489Metal Machinist 1st Class9 Month
George G489Motor Mechanic (General)6 Month
Jitendra S190Electrician (General)7 Month
Upendra JNZ Work Visa1 Month
Sharva D189Child Visa3 Months
Pallavi D189IT Profession3 Months
Ajay Suhas189IT Profession3 Months
Amit P190Developer Pragrammer5 Months
Surabhi S190Chemical Engineer5 Months
Namrata P189Software Engineer6 Months
Kalpesh P189Software Engineer6 Months
Atharv P189Child Visa6 Months
Sachin Rameshwar S190Metal Fabrication5 Months
Archana Sachin S190Spouse Visa5 Months
Anagha Sachin S190Child Visa5 Months
Mr.Prathamesh189Electronic Engineer4 Months
Mr.Kalpesh P189Software Engineer6 Months
Mrs.Bhargavi S190Event Manager
Mr.Sudip KStudent Visa NZ
Mr.Shourya C101Child Visa
Mr.Cyril K489Fitter (General)
Ms.Supriya P600Visitor Visa
Mrs.Ketaki B600Partner Visa3 Months
Mrs.Rekha K600Visitor Visa
Mr.Yashwant K600Visitor Visa
Ms.Shruti C887Child Visa
Ms.Sonali C887Spouse Visa
Mr.Vihang C887Child Visa
Mr.Yogesh C887Fitter (General)
Mr.Prithviraj PStudent Visa USA
Mr.Snehal DStudent Visa USA
Mr.Neeraj BStudent Visa NZ
Mr.Yuvraj SStudent Visa UK
Mrs.Manjot K189Developer Pragrammer10 Months
Mr.Karanbir S189Partner Visa10 Months
Mr.Shailesh R189Software Engineer4 Months
Mrs.Meena N189Partner Visa4 Months
Ms.Avishi R189Child Visa4 Months
Ms.Ishnavi R189Child Visa4 Months
Mr.Yuga KSoftware Engineer4 Months
Ms.Veena KStudent Visa Canada
Mr.Ratul DStudent Visa NZ
Mrs.Maria S190Developer Programmer5 Months
Mr.Ryan M190Spouse Visa5 Months
Mr.Alec M190Child Visa5 Months
Mrs.Malini G309Partner Visa9 Months
Mr Upendra JStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Mrs Deepali JStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Miss Shreya JStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Mr Aarya JStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Mr Ravikiran B600Visitor Visa1 Week
Mr.Manoj J190Fitter5 Months
Mr.Bakachand P600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs Suman D600Visitor Visa2 Week
Mrs Ketaki B600Visitor Visa1 Week
Mrs Aarti K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Janardhan k600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Indraneil D189Electronic Engineer5 Months
Mr. Jagan M489Ict Project Manager5 Months
Mrs. Boopathy K489Spouse Visa5 Months
Miss. Shirisha489Child Visa5 Months
Mrs Azmina L600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Abdul L600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Nikhile G190Developer Programmer4 Months
Mrs.Parineeta G190Spouse Visa4 Months
Mr. Ashish P489Fitter6 Months
Mrs. Madhuri P489Spouse Visa6 Months
Miss.Prerna S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Sarvajit B489Chef6 Months
Mrs.Snehal P485Temporary Graduate Visa3 Months
Mr.Vivek S190Chef6 Months
Mrs. Sneha M100Partner Visa14 Months
Mr.Huzaifa S189Developer Programmer6 Months
Mrs. Rashida S189Spouse Visa6 Months
Mr.Premkumar S489System Administration6 Months
Mrs. Sushma S489Spouse Visa6 Months
Master. Kiansh S489Child Visa6 Months
Mrs.Amruta C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Miss.Aastha C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Sharamad K190Business Analyst2 Months
Mrs. Madhura K190Software Engineer2 Months
Mr. Tulshidas S190Metal Machinist10 Months
Mr. Pratik B489Mechanical Engineering Technician5 Months
Mrs. Shweta B489Spouse Visa5 Months
Mrs. Megha J300Partner Visa7 Months
Miss Sneha SStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Mr Kartik NStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Miss Shradha FStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Mr Saurabh SStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Mr. Bharat G489Fitter5 Months
Mrs. Sunanda G489Spouse Visa5 Months
Miss. Dhanshree G489Child Visa5 Months
Mr Sukhbir SStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Miss Shrutika NStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Miss Komal VF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Miss Shweta MStudent Visa UK1 Month
Miss Aditi MStudent Visa NZ1 Month
Mr. Santosh G489Electrician10 Months
Mrs.Shobha P600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs.Shahnaz S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Sonal B189Software Engineer5 Months
Mr.Prashant B189Network Engineer5 Months
Miss. Avni B189Child Visa5 Months
Mr.Musa K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs.Shahnaz K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs.Bhavani P600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs.Snehal P600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr Akshay BF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Mr Vibhav WF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Mrs.Nasreen S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Zahoor S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Miss.Saba S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr Akshay RF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Mr Malhar IF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Miss.PriyankaF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Miss. DevyaniF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Mrs.Malini G600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Shyam P489Developer Engineer5 Months
Mrs. Ankita P489Spouse Visa5 Months
Mr.Akashdeep S190Architecture Engineer2 Months
Mr. Prasad B489Electrician3 Months
Mrs. Pranita B489Spouse Visa3 Months
Mr ShashankF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Mr.Venkatesh MF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Mrs. Ashwini M189Developer Programmer5 Months
Mr.Vaibhav M189Software Engineer5 Months
Master. Sumedh M189Child Visa5 Months
Mr.Rakesh BF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Mr.Amey BF1Student Visa USA1 Month
Mr.Amit S190Accountant(General)1 Months
Mrs. Aarti R190Business Analyst1 Months
Mr.Bibek S189Developer Programmer4 Months
Mrs.Gunjan S189Software Engineer4 Months
Mr.Navin Y190Software Engineer5 Months
Mr.Joyti Y190Software Engineer5 Months
Miss.Yuvisha Y190Child Visa5 Months
Mrs.Shweta J489Spouse visa3 Months
Master. Swaroop J489Child Visa3 Months
Mr.Rohan L189Chemical Engineer3 Months
Mr. Vijaysing S489Fitter6 Months
Mr.Hardik R189Software Developer2 Months
Mrs.Uppasna A189Software Engineer2 Months
Mrs.Shaikh B600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Shaikh A600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Zakaria M600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Shabbir S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr.Sudhanshu S190Database Administrator3 Months
Mrs.Pallavi S190Software Engineer3 Months
Mrs.Azar S489Restaurant Manager5 Months
Mr.Prajot P190ICT Project Manager3 Months
Mrs.Kiran P190Software Engineer3 Months
Miss.Shayna P190Child Visa3 Months
Mr.Rohan T189Database Administrator3 Months
Mr.Sagar C190Fitter3 Months
Mrs.Upasna A10BRIDGING VISA1 Day
Mr. Kishore K189Mechanical Engineer6 Months
Mrs.Nagavani K189Software Engineer6 Months
Mr. Kiran K489Welder6 Months
Mrs. Anuradha M489Community Worker6 Months
Mr. Vinay M489Community Worker6 Months
Master. Vian M489Child Visa6 Months
Miss. Anvi M489Child Visa6 Months
Mr. Yogendra W190Software Engineer4 Months
Mrs. Aparna W190Developer Programer4 Months
Master. Aditya W190Child Visa4 Months
Miss. Aarti K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Deepak M190Software Engineer3 Months
Mrs. Syamala190Teacher3 Months
Miss. Eshana190Child Visa3 Months
Mrs. Ulfat A600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Master. Sultan A600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Dastagir S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Shamshad S600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs Deepika C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Tushar N189Engineering Technologist3 Months
Mrs. Rupali N189Spouse Visa3 Months
Miss. Aditi N189Child Visa3 Months
Mr. Sanjay K489Restaurant Manager2 Months
Mrs. Sarala K489Spouse Visa2 Months
Master. Vihaan R489Child Visa2 Months
Mrs Alimunnisa K600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Kusumlata R489Spouse Visa2 Months
Master. Vihaan R489Child Visa2 Months
Mrs Azmina L600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Vaibhav WF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
Mr. Swapnil G189Structural Engineer2 Months
Mr. Abdul L600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Nikhil G189Software Engineer3 Months 15 Days
Mrs. Rupal G189Spouse Visa3 Months 15 Days
Mr. Prasad C189Software Engineer3 Months
Mrs. Shital C189Spouse Visa3 Months
Miss. Isha C189Child Visa3 Months
Miss. Ria C189Child Visa3 Months
Mr. Sarthak T489Restaurant Manager2 Months
Mrs. Rajani M600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr Gokul M600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Akshay RF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
Mrs. Farhanaaz100Spouse Visa6 Months
Bilal100Child Visa6 Months
Mrs . Megha D600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Dhanashree R573STUDENT (Class TU) HIGHER EDUCATION SECTOR3 Months
Mr. Mandar IF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
Mrs .Supriya600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Arihant H489Welder5 Months
Mr. Rajesh B489Diploma Mechanical Engineer4 Months
Mr. Rakesh BF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
Mr. Venkatesh MF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
Mrs. Suhasini D600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Urmila C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Subhash D600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Manohar C600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. ShashankF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
Mrs. Snehali M189Mechanical Engineer2 Month
Mr. Swapnil M189IT professional2 Month
Mr. Abhishek P190Software Engineer1 Month 15 Days
Mrs. Nagashree P190Software Engineer1 Month 15 Days
Mr. Prithviraj J489Civil Engineer4 Month
Mrs. Gaytri K190Developer Programmer4 Month
Mr. Hrishikesh K190IT professional4 Month
Mrs. Neha L489Spouse Visa3 Months
Miss. Swara L489Child Visa3 Months
Mrs. Snehal190Software Tester2 Month
Mr. Hrishikesh190IT professional2 Month
Mrs. Neha Ganbote190Construction Project Manager1 Month
Mr. Rohit Ganbote190Mechanical Engineer1 Month
Mrs. Supriya600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Pradnya309Spouse Visa6 Months
Mrs. Sonali Chavan489Spouse Visa2 Months
Master. Vihang Chavan489Child Visa2 Months
Miss. Shruti Chavan489Child Visa2 Months
Mrs. Sameena600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Faiz600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Master. ARSH600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Miss. Aaisha600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Ashwini309Spouse Visa6 Months
Mrs. Snehal10BRIDGING VISA3 Days
Mrs. Sarla600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Supriya600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Miss. Kartiki600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Ashvinkumar600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Roshan189Computer Network and Systems Engineer2 Months
Mrs. Padma600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Miss. PriyankaF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
Mrs. Anwarjaha600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Imam Fakir600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Minakshi600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Yogita489Spouse Visa1 Month 15 Day
Miss. DevyaniF1US STUDENT VISA1 Month
Mrs. Farhanaaz10BRIDGING VISA3 Days
Mr. Ravindra489Restaurant Manager5 Months
Mrs. Kavita600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Madhaorao600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Shamshad600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Arshjeet189Mechanical Engineer7 Months
Mrs. Sujatha600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
Mrs. Farhanaaz600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
Bilal600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
Mrs BADRUNNISA600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Ashwini600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Neha Suhas600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
Mrs. Pradnya600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
Mrs. Shalaka Joshi190Production Manager5 months
Mr. Prasad190IT professional5 months
Master RutweekChild VisaChild Visa5 Months
Mr. Israr Khan189IT Professional2.5 Months
Mrs. Sneha309Spouse Visa9 Months
Mr. Suhas489 (Extension)Restaurant Manager2 Months
Mr. Chintankumar Panchasara189IT Professional2.5 Months
Mrs. Mikita189IT Professional2.5 Months
Ms. Suditi189IT professional2.5 Months
Mr. Pritam489Machinist3 Months
Mr. Tarundeep Ghai189Engineering Technologist6 Months
Mrs. Sinam189Engineering Technologist6 Month
Mr Ayaan189Engineering Technologist6 Months
Mrs. Pradnya309Spouse Visa10 months
Mrs. Sampada309Spouse Visa10 months
Ms. Shruti309Child Visa10 Months
Ms. Swara309Child Visa11 months
Mr. Sachin Deshmukh489Restaurant Manager1.5 Months
Mr. Santosh190Training and development Professional2.5 Months
Mr. Manoj Thawani489Production Manager3 Months
Mr. Avinash Dubal189Mechanical Engineer4 Months
Mr. Suhas489Restaurant Manager5 Months
Mrs. Yogita Hon489Spouse Visa9 Months
Mrs. Ashwini600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mr. Pramod600Visitor Visa4 Weeks
Mrs. Vidha600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
Master Harshraj Kumbhar101Child Visa10 months
Mrs. Shubhangi Bhosale100Spouse Visa4 Months
Mrs. Sneha309Spouse Visa5 Months
Mr. Krishna309Spouse Visa6 Months
Mrs. Seema309Spouse Visa5 Months
Mrs. Rajani676Visitor Visa1 Month
Ms. Anushka101Child Visa7 Months
Mrs. Vaishali600Visitor Visa2 Weeks
Mrs. Shubhangi K489Spouse Visa8 Months
Mr. Sachin S190Welder6 Months
Mr. Amol489Sheet Metal Worker3 Months
Mr. Prashant190Welder7 Months
Mr. Navnath190Welder4 Months
Mr. Amit190Welder5 Months
Mr. Vikas190Machinist8 Months
Mr. Ramesh190Mechanical Engineer6 Months
Mr. Roopesh190ICT sales Representative9 Months
Mr. Mahesh489Welder7 Months
Mrs. Parvati100Spouse Visa8 Months
Mr. Ganesh190Fitter6 Months
Mr. Sanjay190Welder9 Months
Mr. Deepak190Welder7 Months
Mr. Vijay190Fitter8 Months
Mr. Satish190Fitter7 Months
Mrs. Kavita B309Spouse Visa7 Months
Mrs. Kavita J309Spouse Visa8 Months
Mr. Tai309Spouse Visa9 Months
Mrs. Anjali309Spouse Visa8 Months
Mr. Satish189Fitter9 Months
Mr. Nihal189Engineering Technologist9 Months
Mrs. BhawanaSpouse VisaSpouse Visa9 Months
Master ShashantChild VisaChild Visa7 Months
Ms. BhumikaChild VisaChild Visa8 Months
Mr. Chandrashekhar190Restaurant Manager6 Months
Mr. Shubham600Visitor Visa1 Month
Mr. Suhas489Fitter5 Months
Mrs. Shilpa309Spouse visa5 Months
Mrs. Monali309Spouse Visa5 Months
Mr. LomeshStudent VisaStudent Visa3 Months
Mr. Seema A309Spouse Visa5 Months
Mrs. Minakshi309Spouse Visa5 Months
Mr. Vijay189IT Professional4 Months
Mrs. Nalage600Visitor Visa3 Weeks
Mrs. Ghare309Spouse Visa7 Months