Hrishi B.
I would really like to appreciate the professional services that Santosh Reddy provides. Adv. Santosh Reddy and Associates, provides end-to-end solution for all immigration needs, covering almost all the concerns for prospective immigrants. Additionally installment ppayments and flexibility in it is also very helpful for the immigrants which helps them to plan their funds and pay flexibly. Santosh Reddy has very good communication skills and his timely feedback has helped us a lot in getting the activities lined up with correct priorities. I would really like to suggest Santosh's and team's services to my friend's and colleagues. Thanks for the help! :) IT Professional
Chintan Panchasara
The service you have provided for our visa processing is commendable. Overall, it was a great experience, your support and timely updates about visa processing was an advantage. You were always approachable for any queries related to the processing. I would always recommend Santosh Reddy’s immigration services to all of you.
Neha and Suhas ligade
I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased by your services and my obviously my Visa grant. I got my residence visa 2 years ago. I received all necessary guidance and help to do so. And in very limited time I got positive results. I also Processed my Wife’s Dependent visa and Now we are both together here in Australia. I deeply satisfied with the service I received and happy to recommend to others with confidence. Once again Thank You Western Academy And Reddy Sir And his team.
Deepak Pansambal
I had a very good experience with Mr. Santosh Reddy and Team. I still remember I called him from Australia for extension of my wife's visa and I didn't know you that time but you still offered me help. Then this time I met you and we discussed what we can do about my wife's visa. I think Mr. Reddy is very friendly and easy to communicate. Even office staff is very helpful. I hope you will continue to provide same quality of service to people who desparately are willing to migrate to Australia.
Roshan Nadkarni
I am very happy that i have got my PR in a very short time with the help of santosh sir. He has guided me so well that i did not have to think much before taking any kind of big decisions as he had already planned the best path for my entry. Western Academy has been like a second home for me as i was nurtured very well throughout my path of success. I am very thankful to all my trainers, all the staff and santosh sir for helping my achieve my success.
Arshjeet Singh
I am a mechanical Engineer. I would like to thank Adv. Santosh Reddy a lot. He kept everything very transparent. I got support in all the years from initial skills assessment application till post-lamding services. I would highly recommend to all mechanical engineers.
Israr Khan
Initially due to his direction, I could clear IELTS with 7 plus band score. After that he advised me thoroughly and helped me to get my desired visa that is subclass 189 in just 4-5 months. I really appreciate Adv. Santosh Reddy for his support.
Prasad Joshi, Shalaka Joshi, Rutweek Joshi
We are really thankful to Adv. Santosh Reddy. He guided us for nominating our occupation, drafting all the documents and also provided us many contacts in Melbourne.

As a result of his support, we could fulfil our dream to be in Australia.
Badrunnisa Shaikh
Thank you Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir for helping me to get the Australian visitor visa for me. I will always recommend others for choosing Adv. Santosh Reddy Sirfor immigration services.
Madharao Mohod
Thank you Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir for helping to get the Australian visitor visa within 2 weeks for me and my spouse.
Kavita Mohod
Thank you Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir for helping to get the Australian visitor visa.
Shamshad Shaikh
The Australia visa service is excellent. I would like to thank Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir and team for quick processing of my visitor visa.
Farhanaaz Khan
Adv. Santosh Reddy helped me to join my husband in Australia by getting me a visitor visa first. He also helped us to process my spouse visa very efficiently and very quickly.
Bilal Khan
Thank you for helping me to join my father as quickly as possible!
Sachin Deshmukh
Adv. Santosh Reddy’s in depth research and timely advice helped me in decision making and that why I could be in Australia before my friends. I really acknowledge his efforts in making us stress-free.
Thank you Sir for helping me to get the Australian visitor visa .I recommend Adv. Santosh Reddy for processing all kinds of immigration services for Australia.
Ashwini Dubal
Thank you Adv. Santosh Reddy for your guidance in getting me visitor visa for Australia in just 2 weeks.
Suhas Ligade
First of all I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Santosh Reddy sir. Also I would like to thank his team for helping me in all this processes.
Avinash Dubal
Thank you so much Adv. Santosh Reddy for your services and Everything. You have made my dream come true and will always remember your politeness and warm hearted gesture towards your clients and wish you a fantastic journey ahead. Best of Luck!!!
Shilpa Kakade
“Bringing ambition to Life” this is what written in your every mail that you are sending to us. Really, Adv. Santosh Reddyis the great director who gives encouragement to fulfill the ambitions required hopes and the energy to the thirsty path finders. Thank you once again.
Vikas Kumbhar
A big thanks to Adv. Santosh Reddy without his support and proper assistance it was nearly impossible to make my dream come true…he really contributed a lot for everything.
Vijay Hon
Without Adv. Santosh Reddy’s guidance and his motivation I could not have made it done. Being unknown to everything it was a very difficult task for me to decide for immigration. However Adv. Santosh Reddy’s working style gave me the confidence and I made through.
Mahesh Swami
I thought that it is impossible to immigrate out. However Adv. Santosh Reddy contributed a lot and finally I was succeeded in achieving my goal. This wasn’t easy without the help of Adv. Santosh Reddy and his supporting Staff. Thanks a lot.
Suhas Borade
It was a golden day for me when Adv. Santosh Reddy called me and said that finally I have made it. It was my biggest dream to immigrate Australia and came into reality just because of Adv. Santosh Reddy. I would even like to thanks the entire staff for their support.
Sneha Surve
He helped me in getting the spouse visa. I was unaware of all the documents that were needed to submit. I find myself so lucky that I got Adv. Santosh Reddy’s assistance and that played a very big role in getting me the spouse visa. Thanks to Santosh Sir.
Satish Ghare
I came to about Adv. Santosh Reddy from one of my friends…I had heard a lot about him before meeting him and he was more skilled than that of what was heard before. His humbleness and soft spoken qualities motivated me so far and only because of his help I could see my dream in reality.
Prashant Bhat
First of all. I would like to thanks Santosh Sir, he really helped me in my visa process. His amazing personality and great experience immigration field made things positive. Thanks a lot.
Neehal Singh
It was a great experience to process for my file with you. It was quite a bit difficult however the correct guidance of Adv. Santosh Reddy made everything easy.
Monali Bhondave
I would like to express my gratitude for Adv. Santosh Reddy for his help. His staff is also very much supportive. He played a very important role in bringing my dream true…
Satish Jagtap
Heartily thanks to Adv. Reddy and his staff to Show and choose the right path in my life. Without their support I would have not been able to accomplish my dream to settle in Australia.
Ganesh Bhorkar
I was zero when I came here.…..I specially thanks Adv. Santosh Reddy to support me a lot in my immigration process.
Chandrashekhar Bhute
Adv. Santosh Reddy sir is really amazing personality in Immigration Consultancy field. He has supported me a lot while my process was in progress. Finally I got visa. Thank You sir!!!
Sanjaykumar Asawale
I am thankful to Adv. Santosh Reddy sir who supported me a lot during my visa process. Thank you very much sir. Without your support it was not possible.
Amol Ande
Thanks to Adv. Santosh Reddy sir and his staff for their kind support in brining by dream true.
Mrs. Seema Amrale
Today I got Spouse Visa, I would like to thank Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir for his support.
Mrs. Minakshi Shevkari
I was little worried as my husband was in Australia and there was nobody to help me in collecting documents. Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir helped me in getting all the things done right in time getting visa granted in just 2 months.
Mr.Deepak Balkrishna Sutar
Dear Sir, I really thank you for everything you did for me. Being from a small village, it was a very difficult task for me to make a decision to migrate to Australia; you convinced me and also helped me in all difficulties. Thank you for helping me in getting job and accommodation in Melbourne.
Miss. Anuja Kapote
Today, I got child visa for my son. Thank to Adv. Santosh Reddy. I found you Co-operative and Sweet Spoken. Thank you for your co-operation.
Mr. K. Ramesh Babu
Dear Sir, You have helped and guided me throughout the process. I thank very much for putting me in permanent Visa. I also thank sincerely for your Co-operation and patience in payment of your fees. Sir you are great!
Mr. Amit Bhosale
Respected Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir, you have really helped me on all levels of struggle during the whole process in terms of financial and mental support, you are the best.
Mr. Sachin G. Shirskar
Thanks to Reddy Sir, in one sentence what he committed, he fulfilled. The best services rendered by him helped me to enter in Australia on PR visa without any hassles. I would definitely say that you are the best!!
Mr. Rupesh Afre
I thank Santosh Reddy sir from bottom of my heart and many thanks to his staff as well. It’s been very good experience dealing with Santosh sir and his staff. Santosh sir is very accurate in his visa processing which ensures success for his clients.
Mr. Navnath Raghunath Kakade
Today is the best day of my life. I never thought that I would get Australian Permanent Residence Visa in just 4 months. Thanks to Reddy Sir and his staff. All these people have made the process of getting visa very simplified and stress less.
Mrs. Nalage
I chose Adv. Santosh Reddy and Associates because Adv. Santosh Reddy explained everything in a way that I could understand. I appreciated how he made me feel like I was the only client you had. You are the Best!!
Mrs. Kavita Jagtap
I would like to pay gratitude for the great help and support provided by Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir. It was immense pleasure having linked to a consultancy which has given us a fruitful and successful journey.
Mrs. Anjali Shirskar
Adv. Santosh Reddy has complete knowledge of immigration processes for Australia. He gave me proper information with all the possibilities.
Rajani Mali
Thank you very much Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir for the extended support provided for me. I am very happy.
Mrs. Kavita Bhat
Thanks Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir for the wonderful support provided to me for the Spouse Visa procedure. I am grateful for the Service provided. I will refer my interested friends and will come back to you for any support required.
Mrs. Tai Kumbhar
I think the only name people should consider for immigration consultancy for Australia is Adv. Santosh Reddy Sir and his team, have well defined process flow chart and they know what to do in case of any issue from authorities with respect to documentations.
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