Australia Partner Visa: Application Process, Eligibility, and Cost

Australia Partner Visa: Everything You Need to Know

The Australian partner/spouse visa process demands time and effort, requiring evidence gathering and meeting eligibility criteria. This blog covers the application process and financial requirements.

What are Australia’s Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas?

Also known as Australian Partner Visas, they allow spouses or de facto partners (fiancés or those in committed relationships) to immigrate to Australia. The primary applicant must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen.

Provisional Partner visa (Subclass 309) – Temporary visa.

  • Permanent Partner visa (Subclass 100) – Permanent visa
  • Temporary Partner visa (Subclass 820) – Temporary visa
  • Permanent Partner visa (Subclass 801) – Permanent visa
  • Prospective Marriage visa (Subclass 300) – Non-immigrant Temporary visa
  • Dependent Child visa (Subclass 445) – Temporary visa.

Eligibility Requirements for a Spouse Visa in Australia:

  • Genuine and long-term relationship.
  • Co-habiting on a permanent basis.
  • Relationship duration of 12 months.
  • Meet health and character criteria.

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Processing Time for Spouse Visa in Australia:

  • 309 Provisional Visa: 11 months (75% applications), 15 months (90% applications).
  • 100 Permanent Visa: 20 months (75% applications), 23 months (90% applications).

Cost of Spouse Visa for Australia:

  • Approximately INR 4,20,857 for applicants from India, with varying fees based on visa type and age of accompanying children.

Steps to Apply for a Spouse Visa from India:

  • Prepare required documents.
  • Lodge an online partner visa application.
  • Await decision from the DHA.
  • Upon approval, receive the visa.

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