Santosh Reddy

Santosh Reddy

I have been practicing migration laws since 2005. I have completed his masters in international laws, from University Of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. I am a registered member of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. I am a permanent resident of Australia, visit Australia frequently I have lived in United Kingdom for couple of years and thoroughly understands various perspectives of life in developed countries like U.K and Australia I have done extensive research in Australian Migration laws.

I feel that migration laws and various migration regulations are very complex in nature and that is why you must hire a legal practitioner to study your case and file your visa petition.

I feel that migration process involves a lot of paper work and that is why legal drafting skills of a legal practioner play a vital role in successfully filing your visa petition.

I would be very happy to advise skilled professionals for getting Permanent Residence for Australia. This process involves various stages like Skills Assessment, State Sponsorship, Expression of interest and Visa Application. I make sure that you get proper input from me about all crucial things involved in all these stages. In addition your qualifications, work experience and an appropriate age, you need to have a very good proficiency in English. For this you need to pass IELTS or PTE.

Once Permanent Residence Visa is been granted, I help people in getting accommodation, Tax File Number, Driving License, Bank Account and the most importantly in getting job.

I am committed to help you out even if your academics is not very good or you have less years of work experience or you are weak in English.

I welcome you to avail my services and get a wonderful experience.

Role of IELTS examination or PTE examination in Australian Immigration Process

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