+ 1. Do I need to travel to Australia as a part of migration process?
Answer: No, you need not.
+ 2. Do I need to attend any interview as a part of migration process?
Answer: In most of the case, there will not be an interview, however visa officer has always authority to verify  the information and documents submitted by you.
+ 3. How long does it take to get permanent residency?
Answer: Current Processing time is 6-8 months, It may vary as a result of more number of application and many more other factors.
+ 4. Why to engage a lawyer?
Answer: You should understand that it is legal work and Australian Authorities who will be assessing your case, are in most of the cases have legal background so it is very essential to hire a legal practitioner to draft your documents and submit your case with maximum care.
+ 5. Should I start the process after or before job market research?
Answer: You should have job market before you start your process for this please visit, www.seek.com.au
+ 6. Does it help to have relative in Australia.
Answer: If you have blood relative in Australia who is either Permanent Resident or citizen then he can nominate you and can claim 5 points for this.
+ 7. Do the Australian authorities charge for my application process?
Answer: Yes, off course.Please refer ‘Fee Structure’.
+ 8. What documents do I need to submit?
Answer: There is no standard list of documents. Documentation varies on case to case basis.
+ 9. Can I include my wife and children in my visa application?
Answer: Yes, you can.
+ 10. How can I help in reducing the total processing time?
Answer: You can surely reduce the processing timing by efficient and proper submission of all required documents.
+ 11. How do the points calculated?
Answer: There are several factors considered for point calculation. Your age, Qualification, number of years of work experience, English proficiency, spouse skills, blood relative in Australia and nomination by state or territory. You require 60 points so as to be eligible please refer Free Assessment for point calculation.
+ 12. How long it take to become an Australian citizen?
Answer: You will be eligible to apply for citizenship after 4 years of residence in Australia.
+ 13. How long my IELTS/PTE score is valid?
Answer: For Australia, validity of IELTS/PTE is 3 years.
+ 14. Does visa application charges be refunded in any situation?
Answer: No
+ 15. What will a visa application cost me?
Answer: Visa fees for primary applicant at present is AUD 3600.
+ 16. Do I need to undergo medical examination?
Answer: Yes
+ 17. Do I need to get police clearance?
Answer: Yes
+ 18. What do I do if my circumstance change?
Answer: If during your application is in process, there is any change in your address, employment, material status or any other factor, you need to inform us in writing.
+ 19. How will I pay my visa application charge?
Answer: You will pay to visa office directly using your credit card.
+ 20. Do I need a stamp in my passport, once visa is granted?
Answer: No.
+ 21. Can I visit Australia while my migration application is being processed?
Answer: Yes, Surely.
+ 22. Do I need to submit my passport and original documents?
Answer: No, you can need to submit clear photo copies of all your documents.
+ 23. Where would I check the availability of jobs for my occupation?
Answer: Please refer ’Jobs in Australia’.
+ 24. How will I know whether I am eligible for application process?
Answer: Please refer ’Free Assessment’.
+ 25. Is there any cap to the number of visa granted?
Answer: Yes.
+ 26. What is the possibility of visa refusal?
Answer: Australian Migration legislation is very clear. If you could comply with all the requirements, there is no possibility of refusal.
+ 27. What would be rights of my family members?
Answer: All your family members who migrated as secondary application have same rightand responsivities like you.
+ 28. Can I bring my parents to Australia?
Answer: Yes, Surely.
+ 29. How much time do police checks normally take?
Answer: 2 weeks in most of the cases.
+ 30. How much would be average monthly living cost in Australia?
Answer: AUD 1200-1500.
+ 31. Do I need to have Australian qualification to apply for PR?
Answer: No.
+ 32. What is age limit?
Answer: 50 Years.
+ 33. Which English test do I need to appear for?
Answer: IELTS (GT) OR PTE Academic.
+ 34. I am a self-employed Can I apply for PR?
Answer: Yes, Surely.
+ 35. We both husband and wife work. Do I need to apply and pay for both of us?
Answer: No, Secondly applicant will not need skill assessment, however has to pay visa fees.
+ 36. What is point calculation minimum points requirement?
Answer: 60 Points.
+ 37. How is visa application process?
Answer: Visa application process is very complex. You need to hire a legal practitioner to lodge your case.
+ 38. My daughter is 12 years old does she require IELTS / PTE
Answer: No

Role of IELTS examination or PTE examination in Australian Immigration Process

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