Australian PR A turning point for Students

January 1, 2017


Australia is the third largest country for international students to study. You will find a quality of education which is high and having a diverse cultureIt hold eight of the universities from the top 100 universities in the world. It is the best option for students from the yesteryears.

Australia is an every students dreams to stay even after the completion of the study. The first step is to express interest to the department of immigration and Border Protection’s SkillSelect program.

To apply for permanent residency there is an online services provided through the source of express interest

This needs details regarding your personal information, completed course, English language, evidence skill assessment. Here are a few steps to reach the turning point:

  • The first step is SkillSelect
  • Occupation must be known which will increase your point
  • Your occupation should be on the pro rata list
  • Good score in the English proficiency test will do the needful anything above 6.0 band and 8.0 will do.
  • Further plans for studies
  • Spouse skills will add 18-49 points.
  • Language proficiency skills would add 20 points to your credential.
  • The validity for these exams is 3 years.
  • Skills assessments depend totally on the occupation you choose
  • Job you hold makes the path easy to acquire a permanent residency status
  • Any sort of employer sponsorship occupation will work out.
  • Last but not least state nomination opens doors for more opportunities

Anything above 60 point will give you further steps and top the prior list. And being issued with a Permanent residency status will work out unexpectedly well. A state nomination will add 5 good points to your application. Post study work scheme will add extra points.

You can apply for graduate temporary visa at the verge of completing studies. This allows working authority and rights to seek employment. This is another point scoring method. A graduate temporary program is a great demand for an employer sponsorship program.

Employer sponsorship program requires the applicant to show evidence of the places they have lived and worked in the past. And during this stay you can improve your skills of communication

Immigration has been changed in Australia since 2013 and applying for permanent residency is highly competitive and document sensitive. It is very important that you make the best of every opportunity.

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